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        Pinghu qingfu auto parts talk about when to replace auto parts

        2019-07-10 09:18:34 点击数766
        Regardless of whether the price of the car is high or low, as long as it is opened for several years or tens of thousands of kilometers, the parts inside the car may need to be replaced. After all, the car is a daily wear and tear. The longer the car is used, the faster the parts will be depreciated.
        As a car owner, do you know when you need to change which parts of your car?
        1, three filters (oil filter air filter air conditioning filter)
        Replacement cycle: half a year or one year
        The replacement of the three filters is relatively frequent, and it is generally necessary to replace the three filters as the oil is maintained. The oil filter must be replaced every time it is maintained. The usual replacement cycle is 5000-10000 km.
        The replacement period of the air filter and the air conditioner filter is about one year or 20,000 kilometers, but this replacement cycle is not fixed. If you are driving in a dusty and poor air quality environment for a long time, the replacement cycle needs to be advanced as soon as possible.
        2, battery
        Replacement cycle: 3-4 years
        The battery is used to supply power to the ignition system and electronic equipment. When you feel that the brightness of the headlights is weak or the vehicle is difficult to start, it means that the battery is not far from the replacement cycle.
        In general, the battery life is 3-4 years. If the electronic equipment in the car is used without starting the engine, the mission life of the battery will be greatly shortened.
        3, brake pads
        Replacement cycle: 40,000 km or so
        The brake system is one of the most important car safety features, and the thickness of the brake pads should be checked regularly whenever possible. Once it is less than 3mm, remember not to hesitate and must be replaced in time. The first replacement cycle is generally around 40,000 kilometers. If there are more sudden brakes when using the car every day, it should be replaced according to the thickness of the brake pads.
        4, spark plug
        Replacement cycle: 60,000-80,000 km or 3-4 years
        After driving for a few years, suddenly the fuel consumption increased and the acceleration performance decreased. It is very likely that the spark plug has a problem. The replacement cycle has little to do with the number of years and kilometers. The main reason is to look at the condition of the car. When replacing the spark plug, you can also check whether the engine has carbon deposits.
        5, engine belt
        Replacement cycle: 6-10 million kilometers
        The engine belt is a rubber part, and the belt will cause aging loss during normal service life. If the belt breaks, it is very likely to cause serious damage to the engine. Therefore, the manufacturer has strict replacement cycle requirements for the belt, and the specific cycle can refer to the user manual of each model. Under normal circumstances, the engine belt should be replaced after 60-100,000 kilometers.
        Address:No. 1555, Xingping 4th Road, Economic Development Zone, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province
        Fax: 0573-85599268
        Telephone: 0573-85599268
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