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        Service life of automotive parts

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        1, the engine
        The life of the engine has a lot to do with the technical level of the manufacturer. It is generally around 10-15 years, but the quality is good and the maintenance is good for 20 years.
        2, three filters
        1 air filter (air filter) life is 60,000 km;
        2 steam filter (gasoline filter) exterior 20,000 kilometers, built-in 60,000 kilometers;
        The 3 machine filter (oil filter) life is basically the same as the oil.
        3, tires
        Different brands of tires have different usage periods, and the general life expectancy is 50,000-100,000 kilometers. According to international standards, when the tire is ground to a depth of 1.6 mm, it must be replaced. If it is not replaced in time, the tire will crack due to aging, resulting in a decrease in bearing capacity and prone to puncture.
        4, airbags
        In theory, the service life of airbags and vehicles should be the same, but this is not the case. In general, after 8 to 10 years of use, even if the airbag does not detonate, the quality is difficult to guarantee.
        5, seat belt
        Seat belts also have a long life, and the normal service life of a car seat belt is only 3 years. After the seat belt is aged, the occupant may slip out of the seat belt in an emergency, causing serious damage, or unable to eat the impulse that should have been eaten, but handing the person directly to the airbag, causing serious injury to the occupant.
        6, brake pads
        The life of the brake pads has a lot to do with the actual use. Generally speaking, the service life of the front brake pads is about 40,000 kilometers, and the rear brake pads are about 80,000 kilometers. Why are the front and rear brake pads still not the same? This is because the center of gravity of the car will lean forward when braking, and the front brakes must withstand more force than the rear brakes.
        7, brake oil
        The service life is generally 2 years or 50,000 kilometers. If it is not replaced on time, it will cause air resistance due to deterioration, resulting in brake failure.
        8, exhaust pipe
        Replacement cycle: 70,000 km. The exhaust pipe is one of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle bottom. Don't forget to take a look during the inspection, especially the exhaust pipe with three-way catalytic converter, which should be carefully checked.
        9, the starter
        The general use period is 100,000 kilometers. If you run 20,000 kilometers in 1 year and fire 2 times a day, each time you plan to fire for 2 seconds, you will find that its cumulative life is only 2 hours.
        10, the battery
        The battery is also called a battery. The life of a maintenance-free battery is 2 years. The life of a water battery is 3 years, but this is only a theoretical value for reference. In general, if the light is dimmed during neutral or idle operation, the battery should be replaced.
        11, car lights
        HID xenon lamp life is 3000 hours, halogen lamp life is generally 500 hours, which means that the average halogen lamp can only be continuously bright for 21 days.
        12, wiper
        The quality is different, the maintenance is different, and the service life is different. The life of the general wiper is 6 months to 2 years. If the wiper is not clean, you can wipe or sand the strip with sandpaper. If the effect is not good, you should change it.
        13, leather seats
        Leather leather has a leather life of about 5-8 years. The poor quality leather can't withstand high temperature and exposure. Even if it is well maintained, it will crack in a few years.
        14, thermal film
        Generally speaking, the car film with better quality has a life span of 5-10 years.
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